Traditional Worship Accompaniment Volume 1

What follows is a listing of the cd, with a link to purchase it, as well as a list of the hymns that are included (and a link to each of their purchase pages if you would like to just purchase the mp3 of one of the individual hymns.) If you’re interested in the background of the CD, you will find that below the track listing.

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Traditional Worship Accompaniment Vol. 1 cover

The idea behind this CD is fairly simple. My goal was to have a simple piano “chorale-style” playing of the hymns. This makes it ideal for accompanying a worship service, or other group singing where a live pianist is not available. I’ve found these piano only/chorale style recordings of hymns to be excellent for working on parts (Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass) as well (in fact working with a recording like this is my favorite way to learn a new part in a hurry.)

There are 32 songs in this compilation most of them are familiar I’m sure. I’ve noted the key that each one is played in and the number of verses played. The style as I’ve said is simple chorale style which means the piano essentially plays the SATB parts that you might find in a hymnal. There are some slight additions where it was helpful to keep the pulse of the music going. Each song has a short intro and then straight through the verses. (There are no interludes between verses.) In the case of I’ll Live For Him, there are two variations, one in 3/4 time and the other in 4/4 time. I have played this one in 4/4 time.

I had hoped to complete this CD shortly after the Chimes CD was released, but one thing led to another and I just now got around to recording it. I had purchased a Zoom H4 Handy Recorder which I thought would streamline my recording process a bit (and give me the ability to easily do high quality location recordings for a couple other projects as well.) Along that time my Kawai 640 gave up the ghost and I’ve since replaced that with a newer Kawai CP95. All of the songs are public domain source material. In the case of Be Thou My Vision, I had to search a bit harder for the public domain source, but it was available.

I have also included the tune names where they were available. So many hymns do borrow melody from another and you may find these tunes work for more than the listed hymn.

I hope these are entertaining and useful for whatever purposes you have in mind. They MAY definitely be used to accompany worship service or other gathering. I place NO restriction whatsoever on that kind of “public performance”. They may NOT be used as content in any recording for redistribution for profit. (In other words, if you have a service and do recordings for your congregation that’s fine, but if you seek to sell for a profit you will need permission.) If you have any questions, please contact me.