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Status of CDs and Digital Downloads - 22 February 2012 by admin

The site that I’ve been using to distribute the cds and digital downloads has discontinued support for cds and music downloads.  Unfortunately work and health issues have kept me from working on a second source.  I am working on it and the cds will be available again soon.  Unfortunately I don’t know exactly when everything will be setup, but I will be posting here to let you know when things are ready and revising the links here for the download sales.  I may need to setup a shopping cart here, so there may be some big changes coming to this site.

If you would like to be informed of updates you can also sign up for the <a href=””>newsletter</a> or check back in here.

New Newsletter for CD Release Announcements for Future Hymn Chime and Traditional Hymn Piano Accompaniment CDs - 5 June 2008 by admin

I’ve just added the link to the sidebar this morning for a new mailing list here at the web home of my Asheville Piano Lessons site. Of course, this site is also home to this page which highlights my Hymn Chime CD‘s and Traditional Worship Piano Accompaniment CDs. The mailing list will be VERY low volume. I suspect maybe a few messages over the course of the year. (Less than one month likely unless I get loads of recording time…) Anyway, if you would like to be notified when the second volume of the Chimes CD, or the 2nd volume of the Traditional Worship Accompaniment CD, then sign up for the free CD release Announcement newsletter. I suspect I’ll use it to announce other future CD releases, special pricing offers and the like. In some cases it may be used to announce the availability of MP3 Music Downloads (that may not be available in CD format.)


Church Hymn Chimes and Piano Accompaniment CDs and Digital Music Downloads - 27 May 2008 by admin

This is not a new site, but this will be a new layout. I hope you will find the links I have here useful. I’m trying to keep the complete content of the old layout here, but this new format will give me an easier way to grow the number of CDs I’m highlighting as well as giving an easier way to manage the links to the CDs and music downloads.

I don’t expect this to be a “post once a week” blog even though I’m making use of blogging software for this. So…. don’t expect a high volume of news here.

My first and main task is making sure that this layout has the same functionality as the old site with translations working. It may take a while to nail down everything with regard to that.